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May, 2023

Fall Season FAQ

Does my child's team have a coach?

Not yet. Registration does not close until June 30, 20223. Our coordinators will begin filling coach positions after that. The earliest you will hear from a coach is mid-July, but early August is more likely.

How do I know when and where my child will be practicing?

Your child's coach will provide that information when they contact you. If you need a specific day or time, coaching a team is the only way to guarantee this. Players will not be switched teams due to practice schedules.

What kind of equipment does my child need?

Your child will need shin guards, socks that completely cover them, and shoes for practice. Socks should be put on after the shin guards, and be over them. Cleats are strongly recommended, but not required. Players should also bring a soccer ball if they have one, and water, to all practices. 6U and 8U use size 3 soccer balls. 10U and 12U use size 4, and 14U and up use size 5. Playground and Schoolyard players will receive a soccer ball as part of their registration.

When do I hear about Playground and Schoolyard season info?

Our PGSY program will be on Fridays. Playground will be at 5:00PM and Schoolyard will be at 6:00PM. Start times are tentative, and may change. PGSY sessions will be one weeknight only and tentatively start in the middle of August.

When and where will I get a game schedule?

6U-12U schedules will be posted on the website by early August. 14U-19U schedules will come later, as their games may not start until late August or September. Games will tentatively begin on August 19, 2023.

Does registration include a uniform?

Yes, registration includes a full uniform. Uniforms are handed put by size by team, and sizes are not able to be requested. It also includes pictures and insurance. Picture Day date is August 19.

Are all the games at the Sports Park on Beaumont Avenue?

The following is the plan, but may change if the city does not open the Sports Park by August 19: 
All games for 6U-12U for fall season are at the sports park on Beaumont Ave. 14U-19U teams will have to travel and will have away games in other cities. Their home games will be at the sports park. All games for 6U-10U will be on Saturdays, and 12U-19U will have some weekday games in addition to Saturday games.

Will we have referees on our games?

Only you can answer that question. Our referees are like our coaches and board members. All are volunteers. All teams 8U-19U are strongly encouraged to provide referees. If you want referees on games, be a part of the solution and take the class. There will be a class offered in Beaumont before the season starts. 8U-14U divisions will require the home team to provide a referee for each match. The referee can not be the head coach. If the home team does not provide a referee, the results of the match will be recorded as a 0-2 forfeit loss for the home team (10U-14U only). The match will still be played to ensure the kids get their game, but the standings will reflect the forfeit. The referee must be related to the team, and this assignment will count toward the required 20 referee points needed to participate in the Winter Tournament Playoffs. Regional Referee Course is on August 12 at the Sports Park. Please sign up on aysou before attending.

Who can be a referee?

Anyone that is 12 and older, passes the background check, and has taken the Regional Referee Class. Background check not required for youth volunteers.

If I don't like a referee's call or disagree with my kid's coach, can I yell at them?

Of course not! Soccer is exciting, but no game in our fall season is the World Cup. Behave yourselves, and model the good behavior we want our kids to exhibit. If you believe you could do a better job than the referee or coach, we invite you to volunteer and lead by example. if you are asked to leave a game due to your behavior, you will be suspended for an additional game/s. Let any guests you bring to the park know what is expected. Repeat offenders will be banned from AYSO activities for the remainder of the season.

I have a really cute small dog. Can I bring him to soccer?

Absolutely not! No pets of any kind are allowed at practices or games. No emotional support animals either. We hold the permits for all practices and games. Although it is a public park, under our permits, we may exclude pets and remove offenders. Don't be that person that we have to chase down. Set a good example, follow the rules, and leave your pets at home.

Anything else?

No jewelry of any kind at practices or games. This includes earrings. A band aid covering them doesn't work and doesn't fool the referee. They will not be allowed to participate unless they are removed. No drones are allowed at AYSO practices or games.

Division details?

6U-19U will be divided by gender. 14U-19U divisions will travel to other cities for away games. 8U will continue to have goal keepers this fall. Although this is not the recommendation of AYSO National, after careful consideration, we feel it is best for player development to begin the introduction of keepers prior to 10U. New for this season, we are planning to try to have 8U Spring Select travel teams for the spring. Other regions in our Area 1N have already signed on to try as well, so look for more information on that near the end of fall season.

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